An archive of works against hyper preterism aka full preterism from a confessionally Reformed perspective.

Orthodox Eschatology: An Interview With Sam Frost : Whitefield Media

With a B.Th., Sam completed a M.A. in Christian Studies and a M.A. in Religion from Whitefield Theological Seminary, Lakeland, Florida (with combined credits in Hebrew exegesis from Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida – and in Greek exegesis from Church of God School of Theology, Cleveland, Tennessee). Author of Misplaced Hope, Exegetical Essays on the Resurrection of the Dead, and House Divided. Also edited A Student’s Hebrew Primer for Whitefield Theological Seminary. Samuel M. Frost co-founded Reign of Christ Ministries, and has lectured extensively for over 8 years at Full Preterist conferences, including the Evangelical Theological Society conference, of which he is currently a member. Samuel is ordained, and has functioned as Teaching Pastor at Christ Covenant Church in St. Petersburg, Florida (2002-2005). He helped host the popular debates between Don Preston and Thomas Ice (with Mark Hitchcock) and Don Preston and James B. Jordan. Samuel is widely regarded by many of his peers as being one of the foremost experts on prophecy, apocalypticism, and Preterist theology. He has come to denounce his Full Preterist understanding in 2010 and affirms the historic Christian Faith. 

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Christ According to the Flesh

Over the years, i have pointed out numerous examples of bad hyper-preterist ‘exegesis’ and arguments, especially from Don Preston, and some of these points have

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Resurrection Power

People who deny the doctrine of progressive sanctification also unwittingly deny the resurrection of the dead. “We were buried therefore with him by baptism into

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