An archive of works against hyper preterism aka full preterism from a confessionally Reformed perspective.

Not Our Brothers : In Their Own Words

Writing on the craftiness and deceitfulness of false teachers, William S. Plumer says, “They hold back their offensive sentiments or teach them only to the initiated, until they get a footing, and then they pour them into the ears of all.”

It is exactly for this reason that i advise Christians to never give seasoned hyper-preterists a platform, whether it be in church, a bible study, or FB groups. They love to put on an act for people and sucker those who are unfamiliar with them and/or their damnable doctrine. I was reminded of this once again with Ward Fenley.

I was invited to a Christian discussion and debate group where a few hyper-preterists were hanging out. The HPs were busy spreading their stuff as usual, including writings from Ward Fenley. So, I began commenting on the dangers of both him and his teachings. Then Ward showed up. Obviously, Ward didn’t like my warnings, played victim, and put on this whole act that ‘mean ole’ bitter Jason’ was attacking him and not being loving and Christlike. Ward wants people to think that he’s just some sweet, innocent guy who wants to fellowship and converse with the saints.

Thankfully, the admins jumped in and squashed all that. Now, someone has notified me of something Ward wrote on his wall. As you read this, remember…this is the guy that wants you to think in these Christian forums that hyper-preterism is just another legitimate choice within Christianity and he’s just looking for a seat at the table among brothers.

The Dangers of Referring New or Unsuspecting Believers to “Reformers” or “Calvinists” for Good Teaching

Imagine eating a delicious ribeye steak, medium rare, seasoned perfectly and so juicy and tender…

Then the chef tells you it was poisoned with cyanide.

That’s what it’s like for me to listen to a person talk about the glorious doctrines of grace and then proceed to speak of how we are being progressively conformed closer and closer into the image of a Christ through good behavior and cleaner thoughts. If people understood the express contradiction of this type of theology, and the psychological damage and demoralizing results of such thinking, by the grace of God they would flee into the arms of King Jesus and bask and glory in His cross alone.

Dare I say, do not recommend Lordship theologians (or any other “orthodox” theologian for that matter) to new believers. Use the knowledge of scripture and grace God has given you. Don’tuse the argument, “but Johnny Mac and Washer explain grace so well!” No. They don’t. They corrupt grace like cyanide corrupted a delicious steak. Sovereign grace through the finished work of Christ and Lordship theology and/or federal vision theology is an oxymoron at best and should not be recommended. If one is willing to recommend such to a new believer because of an inability to explain grace and the kingdom of God to that new believer, then someone needs to study their Bible more. Do not turn someone on to someone else just because they are “reformed,” or “Calvinist” because part of the message is agreeable. I agree with certain parts of the word of faith movement, Mormonism, Islam, Baptists, but I never turn anyone on to their theology without serious disclaimers of the inherent dangers within those movements. And even then, why would I do even that to a new believer if I have to give such radical disclaimers? If I want to learn about healthy living, I’m not going to read a book by someone who argues that both broccoli and cigarettes are good for your health. So why would I recommend someone else read such a book?

As a believer in the fulfilled kingdom, do you not wince when you hear a spectacular message on grace followed up by a warning of an imminent rapture or tribulation period?

Likewise, do you not wince when “progressive sanctification” culminates a sermon on the riches of God’s effectual love through the redeeming work of Christ?

We must get back to the Bible and fulfilled kingdom of God and the pure and unadulterated grace of God by His sovereign will and love for us. We should be ready to give an answer from scripture and not have to send anyone to wolves in order to get a better understanding of Jesus and His sheep. It doesn’t matter how good the steak is if it is going to kill them in the end. This is the Gospel, folks. We mustn’t toy with it.

Notice, “reformers,” “calvinists,” or “any other ‘orthodox’ theologian for that matter” are “wolves” teaching a false gospel.

Remember Plumer’s words? “They hold back their offensive sentiments or teach them only to the initiated, until they get a footing, and then they pour them into the ears of all.”

And there you have it.

By their own admission, hyper-preterism is completely incompatible with Christianity. Don’t let these clowns get a footing. Don’t give them a platform. They play games with God and His Word and they’ll play games with you and your people.

The whole “i’m just a humble man who loves God and His people, and I’m just looking for civil conversations with Christians” is an act. It’s an act that Ward and other seasoned hyper-preterists have played time and time again.

He’s not looking to be civil with ‘wolves,’ so why should you?

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Kenneth Petty
Kenneth Petty
7 months ago

Thank you so much for exposing this heretic for the wolf *he* is! This is what most cults have done in history, secretly introducing damnable heresies in order to get a following from orthodox churches! They are liars and “lie in wait to deceive” the unsuspecting!

Last edited 7 months ago by Kenneth Petty


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