An archive of works against hyper preterism aka full preterism from a confessionally Reformed perspective.

Michael Sullivan cowers from a debate with Samuel Frost

The so-called “Reformed Full Preterists” have been yapping their gums for a long time. They talk tough. They act like everyone is scared of them. They act like nobody will engage them.

One of their groupies had this to say two days ago to hyperpreterist Dave Green:

“In his little corner of the world, they will do anything to stop interacting with the reformed full preterist position and in particular YOU. You are clear and concise in your responses. You don’t give them any wiggle room. They will debate Don and parade other NON reformed position peeps and mock and make fun of them but the difference is they avoid you at all costs.”

And here was ex-hyperpreterist Sam Frost’s response:

“I would publicly debate Mike Sullivan or David Green any time, any where, any place. And, just in case you have not noticed, I am not avoiding anyone.”

Do you think Michael Sullivan or Dave Gangreen have taken Sam up on the offer?

Stephen Whitsett even offered this:

“I have an idea. Let’s set it up a round table discussion me and two others will come to a place of your choosing and had a round table discussion with a mediator. 3 on 3 round table discussion not a debate and work through the issues. Pick a date and Sam and I will come with one other.”

One would think that they would have jumped all over this…right? Well, here was Gangreen’s response:

“Thanks for the “round table” invite, Stephen Whitsett. No offense but you guys (you and Sam) are small time goofballs.”

And here was Sullivan’s response:

“Sam and Jason are worse than a cheap Vegas hooker – they will flip flop and roll over to anyone or any Futurist view that will give them an “orthodox” degree or job.”

And there you have it.

This is why I don’t take them seriously. This is why I have rejected their attempts to join my FaceBook group. This is why I don’t give them a platform.

They’re clowns. They’re cowards. Plain and simple.

UPDATE: July 25th, 2020

Michael Sullivan is still running from Sam. He agreed to a debate, but only if Sam will get DeMar or Gentry to join in. He knows that it is highly unlikely that either guy will do this, especially Gentry. Both of these men have already told Sully that they are not interested. So, Sully throws their names in there to give the appearance that he is not running from a debate, but he is. He is scared to death to take Sam on one on one.

UPDATE: July 30th, 2020

Michael Sullivan now claims that his book from six years ago and other preterists have already handled Sam. lol. He also reveals exactly what i thought to start with – he wants Demar or Gentry to join Sam in order to play his ‘consistency’ game. He refuses to debate Sam alone. He’s scared to death of Sam.

And Michael Bennett won’t debate because…well…why waste time debating the obvious? lol.

As you can see, these clowns are all talk…nothing more.

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