An archive of works against hyper preterism aka full preterism from a confessionally Reformed perspective.

Hyper Preterism: Petty or Perilous? : Apologia & Dr. Kenneth Talbot

As we dive head first into a Preterist Post-Millennial view of Eschatology at Apologia, many questions continue to arise. One that has come up a lot is, “What is Full or Hyper-Preterism?” Many Reformed Orthodox Christians believe that Hyper-Preterism is full on heresy. Is this the case? What is Hyper-Preterism? What is the history of it? Where did it originate? What does it lead to? Is it truly dangerous? If so, why? These are all great and important answers that need to be answered! On this episode we have special guest Dr. Kenneth Talbot from Lakeland, Florida answers these questions in great detail and concern. Dr. Talbot is President of Whitefield College and Theological Seminary and serves as Professor of Theology and Apologetics. He also pastors Christ’s Presbyterian Church in Lakeland and has a most glorious beard! This episode is very educational and extremely uplifting! Additionally we read some new comments and cover some current events. Also joining us on the show are Eliot “Skinny Jeans” Hillis and Isaac “Bar-Jonah” Banegas.

Listen Here: Hyper-Preterism: Petty or Perilous? – 8/24/2013

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2 months ago

I’m also interested, or more accurately, amused with hyper preterism. I first became aware of the hyper preterist’s doctrine through Don K Preston’s Morning Musings on You Tube. This doctrine takes all the focus away from Christ and focuses all energy on eschatology and A.D. 70 doctrine. He motivated me to build my own site to help me study and even vent my feelings. If you visit my site you will notice I’m not the best at grammar and spelling or writing. I’m not a very educated man but I know a threat to sound doctrine when I see it. And Hyper Preterism fits the mold of a dangerous doctrine, in my opinion which is based on the scriptures to the best of my ability.


Dying You Shall Die

Rev. Kenneth Talbot, Ph.D., Th.D.Professor of Theology and ApologeticsWhitefield Theological SeminaryLakeland, Florida Throughout the history of the Christian Church there have been various doctrines rejected

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Christ According to the Flesh

Over the years, i have pointed out numerous examples of bad hyper-preterist ‘exegesis’ and arguments, especially from Don Preston, and some of these points have

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